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DrugRisk.com is a prescription drug and medical device resource center designed to bring the latest information about research, side effects, warnings, recalls and legal action to the millions of people using these products each year. Our mission is to improve safety and patient rights through public awareness.

Whether you are a patient, guardian or family member with questions about the most popular prescription drugs and medical devices, you can look to DrugRisk.com for the latest updates about research, side effects, warnings, recalls and legal action.

With different information coming from the FDA, researchers, drug company advocates, legal professionals and news organizations, those affected by serious side effects from prescription drugs or medical devices often find it hard to know where to start.

The demand for effective prescription medications has never been higher. As a result, the FDA often does little or no testing before a medical device is approved and released to market.

Drug and medical device safety research, once performed mostly by independent universities, or under the direction of the FDA, is increasingly funded by the very companies with conflicting interests in the outcomes.

Legal advertising, while effective at alerting the public of legitimate safety warnings, often doesn’t explain the complicated litigation process or which nationally renowned counsel have been named to important litigation steering committees.

While our resource specialists don’t provide medical or legal advice, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to share the latest information relating to your situation and direct you to the top professionals for help.


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