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Actos Type II Diabetes Drug

Actos is the brand name version of the chemical pioglitazone, which is designed to treat type II diabetes. The drug is manufactured and sold by Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc., a subsidy of the Japanese company Takeda Limited.

Since it was approved by the FDA in 1999, Actos has become one of the most popular medications in the world to treat type II diabetes, with over 2 million prescriptions in 2010 alone. Unfortunately, recent studies have linked it to a risk of bladder cancer.

In June of 2011, France and Germany announced they were banning sales of Actos following a study which showed long-term use of the drug could increase bladder cancer occurrences by as much as 40%. In June of 2011, the FDA followed with its own alert on the bladder cancer risks of Actos.

In April of 2012, Health Canada issued a new Actos warning after a study showed the increased risks of bladder cancer from the drug were even higher than 40%.

Finally, in May of 2012, the British Medical Journal published research from McGill University in Montreal showing the increased risk of bladder cancer from extended use of Actos could be as high as 83%.

If you or a loved one developed bladder cancer after taking Actos, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to learn your legal options. You may be entitled to substantial compensation to help with your condition.

Bloomberg News has reported that Takeda Pharmaceuticals could face as many as 10,000 Actos lawsuits from patients affected by bladder cancer.

Due to the volume, Actos lawsuits have been consolidated to a special multi-district federal court in Louisiana. The case is known as In Re: Actos Products Liability Litigation, MDL 2299, U.S. District Court, Western District of Louisiana (Lafayette).

Judge Rebecca Doherty, who is overseeing the litigation, has scheduled Actos lawsuit trials to start in November 2014.

Anyone who has suffered bladder cancer after taking Actos is urged to speak with a lawyer about their legal options as soon as possible. The time available to file a case may be limited.

Due to the specialized nature of federal drug injury cases, it is important to choose a lawyer with experience in this MDL process. The Drug Risk Resource Center only recommends lawyers who are already handling Actos lawsuits.

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