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Byetta Warning

byetta drug warningsByetta is a popular medication for those with type-2 diabetes, which is injected twice per day to help control high blood sugar. Unfortunately, it has recently been linked to pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.

Byetta was released in 2005. The FDA first issued a Byetta warning in 2007 after receiving reports that six patients taking the drug had died of pancreatitis. As a result, they ordered the manufacturer to add pancreatitis risks to the drug label.

In 2009, the FDA added a second Byetta warning over the risk of kidney failure. They also required Bristol-Myers Squibb, the drug maker, to add a warning to the packaging label.

After receiving reports linking Byetta to thyroid cancer in 2010, the FDA requested that the manufacturer conduct additional testing into the drug’s safety.

In 2011, researchers from UCLA released a study which indicated drugs like Byetta may be related to a 473% increased risk of thyroid cancer and 290% increased risk of pancreatic cancer. However, the FDA did not issue a new Byetta warning for cancer risks.

This year, the Journal for the American Medical Association released a study that found Byetta and similar drugs may double the risk of pancreatitis, a major risk factor for pancreatic cancer.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer after using Byetta, it is important to speak with a lawyer. You may be entitled to substantial compensation. However, time is limited. Contact us today.

Pancreatic cancer is a severe condition that is often detected late and can spread quickly. Therefore, it is a leading cause of cancer death. Thyroid cancer is usually less severe. However, it may still require surgery, radioactive medication or ongoing medical treatment to control.

Although Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), the maker of Byetta, was required to add label warnings for the risks of pancreatitis and kidney failure, they have not properly warned patients of the cancer risks of the drug. Therefore, they face liability from those affected.

Experts fear that without a proper Byetta warning for pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer, thousands of patients could eventually develop the diseases.

If you or a family member have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer after using Byetta, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. You may be entitled to recover from the maker of the drug for your damages. However, time is limited.

Since lawsuits for defective drug injuries can be very complex, it is important to choose a lawyer with experience in this type of case. DrugRisk only recommends lawyers and law firms that have already handled Byetta lawsuits.

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