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DePuy Hip Replacement

Health experts have warned that metal-on-metal hip implant devices, like the DePuy ASR, can release toxic shavings into the bloodstream, causing metallic poisoning, tissue damage and other long-term problems.

The FDA, U.K. National Joint Registry of England & Wales and other organizations have warned against further use of metal hips due to these risks and the high probability patients will need DePuy hip replacement revision surgery.

In August of 2010, DePuy Orthopedics recalled the ASR XL Acetabular hip implant. While they claimed approximately 13% of patients would require revision surgery, studies have now shown the failure rate may be as high as 24% to 44%.

DePuy hip replacement surgery is an extremely invasive procedure requiring general anesthesia and a hospital stay of several days.  Patients are fitted with an IV, urinary catheter and compression stockings or sleeves in order to prevent blood clots.

Revision surgery is performed through an incision on the side of the hip.  The old device is detached from the femur and hip socket and a new device is installed in its place.  As with any surgery, there is the risk of infection or surgical complications.

Patients undergoing a DePuy hip replacement also face the risk that their femur or pelvic bone was damaged so badly that a new device is difficult to attach. Doctors will evaluate the health of a patient’s hip region to determine what options they have for replacement or repair.

After the revision surgery, patients will undergo treatment to suppress infection, as well as intensive physical therapy and conditioning to maximize the effects of their new hip implant. The success of a surgery can be determined by the physical therapy that occurs afterward.  

If you or a loved one received a DePuy ASR hip or other metal hip implant, it is important that you speak with a lawyer about your legal options. You may be entitled to substantial compensation. Contact us today.

DePuy and Johnson & Johnson attempted to settle many defective hip claims before patients retained lawyers or filed a lawsuit. However, experts warn that those who settled without learning their full legal rights gave up most of the compensation available.

Now, after years of litigation, the company has agreed to pay more than $4 billion to settle lawsuits from thousands of patients who needed surgery to replace their defective implants. They will also resolve claims with those who have not yet had surgery in a future settlement.

If you or a family member received the DePuy ASR or other metal hip implant, it is important to learn your legal rights whether or not you have undergone DePuy hip replacement revision surgery. Lawyers are available to discuss your case at no cost to let you know what help is available and how long you have to take action.

Since lawsuits for defective medical devices can be very specialized, it is important to choose a lawyer with experience in this type of case. DrugRisk only recommends lawyers and law firms that have already handled DePuy hip lawsuits.

Contact us today for more information on the warnings, recall, side effects and legal news related to DePuy and other metal hips, or to speak with a lawyer. We are available 24 hours a day to help.