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Intuitive da Vinci Surgical Robot

The Intuitive Da Vinci surgical robot has revolutionized the way doctors perform many of the most popular soft tissue surgeries. In recent years, it was used in over 1 million procedures in 1,300 hospitals.

The robots give surgeons a 3D camera, multi-function precision robotic arms and seated work station. As a result, they have become widely used in hysterectomies, gallbladder and thyroid surgeries, as well various cancer surgeries. The National Cancer Institute estimated that, last year, they were used in 80% of all prostate removals.

However, experts have raised concerns over higher patient injury rates associated with Da Vinci surgical robots. Lawyers have also begun helping those injured file lawsuits against the manufacturer for product defects.

If you are facing surgery with a Da Vinci robot, or have suffered injury from a prior robotic surgery, it is important to get more information.

According to the FDA, more than 210 injuries and 90 deaths have been reported in patients undergoing robotic surgery with a Da Vinci machine. Worse yet, experts estimate only 10-15% of complications are actually reported.

In many cases patients suffer electrical burns from the robotic arms, damage to ureters, bowels or other internal organs, or injury from dislodged robotic instruments.

Due to the high number of patient complications, the FDA has now launched an inquiry to determine if the Da Vinci surgical robotic surgical machines have more risks than benefits.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has also advised that hysterectomies are better performed without robotic surgery. The Massachusetts Board of Medicine has also warned of increased reports of complications in surgeries performed with robotic devices.

If you or a family member suffered injury or death following a surgery performed with an Intuitive Da Vinci robot, it is important to learn more about your legal options and the help available. Read more in the following sections or contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

We are available 24 hours a day to provide more information on the warnings, side effects and litigation surrounding Da Vinci surgical robots, or to connect you with an experienced medical device injury lawyer.