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Janumet is a brand name medication sold by Merck & Co. that combines the drugs sitagliptin and metformin. Approved by the FDA in 2007, the twice-daily pill is used by millions of patients dealing with type-2 diabetes to help control blood sugar levels.
In 2012, Merck earned $1.65 billion from sales of Janumet. They also sell the once-a-day pill Januvia for type-2 diabetes, which only contains sitagliptin.
Sitagliptin works by inhibiting the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) to stimulate the production of insulin. This causes the body to absorb more sugar from the bloodstream. Metformin works by decreasing sugar production in the liver and decreasing absorption of glucose by the intestines.
Metformin was first discovered in the 1920s, but was not tested for blood sugar reduction in people with diabetes until 1957. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1958 but not to the United States until 1995. However, it is now considered the most widely prescribed diabetes drug in the world.
Unfortunately, studies have linked the sitagliptin found in diabetes drugs like Janumet and Januvia with increased risks of thyroid cancer and pancreatic cancer.
Neither the FDA nor Merck have issued a recall of Janumet, however, lawyers are helping those affected by cancer after taking the drug file claims due to the failure of the company to warn of the dangers.
If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with pancreatic or thyroid cancer after taking Janumet, it is important to speak with a lawyer about your legal rights as soon as possible. Contact us today.
The FDA originally warned that Janumet may have higher risks for pancreatitis in 2009 after receiving reports of 88 patients suffering complications over a 27-month period. As a result they ordered Merck to add a label warning for pancreatitis.
In 2011, researchers at UCLA discovered that diabetes drugs like Janumet may also increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 270% and thyroid cancer by 148%.
Most recently, the Journal for the American Medical Association released a study in February indicating drugs like Janumet may double the risk of pancreatitis, which is a major risk factor for pancreatic cancer. The FDA issued a new warning in March of 2013.
Those affected by pancreatic or thyroid cancer after taking Janumet have the right to seek compensation for their damages due to the failure of Merck to properly warn of the dangers.
If you or a family member have been diagnosed, it is important to speak with a lawyer to learn what help is available and how long you have to take action.
Drug injury lawsuits can involve complex litigation against powerful pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, it is important to choose a lawyer with this type of experience. DrugRisk only recommends lawyers and law firms that have already handled lawsuits for diabetes drug cancer.

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