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prescription drug litigationThe American Medical Association estimates that more than 2 million people are injured and as many as 100,000 killed each year by the side effects and complications of prescription drugs. While some are due to improper dosage and allergic reactions, many are caused by the failure of companies to warn of defective drugs or medical devices.

The process of assigning liability to a multi-billion dollar international company can seem daunting for many victims. However, those affected by these products do have legal options.

For nearly a century, courts in the United States have ruled that manufacturers of defective products are liable for foreseeable injuries caused by their negligence. The same applies to companies who make and sell defective drugs or medical devices.

In many cases, awareness starts with FDA event reports or independent research. Legal professionals then help victims file claims for damages in various state courts which are often consolidated into one special federal court to serve thousands of patients with the same injury.

While lawsuits for injury or death from a defective drug or medical device can be very complex and time consuming, some of the most qualified legal counsel in the country are available to help victims fight these powerful companies.

When a company is held liable for hundreds or thousands of injuries, those affected can recover substantial damages that will help with vital treatment, family care and reimbursement of losses for years.

DrugRisk.com works with only the most qualified defective drug and medical device legal counsel who specialize in mass tort litigation to make sure your case is handled properly.

For more information on your legal options following an injury or death of a loved one from a defective drug or medical device, read the legal information sections for your product or contact us today.


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