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Mirena Class Action Lawsuit & MDL Litigation

side effects of mirenaWith reports that the use of IUD contraceptives have risen in recent years, it is not surprising that more patients would experience side effects from these devices.

However, recent FDA reports indicate more than 45,000 women using Mirena IUDs have reported severe side effects such as uterine wall perforation, hemorrhaging, and device migration into other organs.

Many of those affected by Mirena have contacted a lawyer to find out if there is a class action lawsuit against Mirena. While litigation is growing quickly with public awareness, there is not a Mirena class action lawsuit at this time.

So far, women injured by the devices have filed lawsuits in several states including New Jersey, where Bayer is headquartered. Experts believe as the number of cases increases they may eventually be consolidated into one federal court. However, these lawsuits are often filed individually, instead of as one Mirena class action lawsuit.

Although Mirena litigation continues to grow, Bayer has not commented on the cases or indicated they will enter into a Mirena class action settlement. However, they face liability for failing to properly warn patients of their product risks.

If you or a loved one suffered complications from a Mirena device that required removal, it is important to learn your legal options. Contact us today for the latest Mirena lawsuit updates or to speak with a lawyer.

A class action suit is often used when a large group of people have suffered moderate damages, since combining cases gives each one more influence. However, in the case of Mirena, this will likely not be necessary as most women suffered significant injury on their own.

Many of those suffering side effects have had to undergo surgery to remove the devices or have even suffered infertility as a result.

The consolidation of individual cases into one main state court or a Federal Multi-District Litigation court is often better for those injured than a class action lawsuit against Mirena since each case can be reviewed separately. This can also result in substantially higher recoveries.

Lawyers are available to help those injured by Mirena file individual cases against Bayer rather than wait for a Mirena class action lawsuit.

They can explain the current criteria for a Mirena lawsuit, how much a case may be worth, and how long you have to take action. They can also secure the necessary records to file your claim with Bayer.

Before choosing a lawyer, make sure they are qualified for this type of lawsuit and have experience fighting large drug companies. The DrugRisk Resource Center only recommends law firms that specialize in drug or medical device injuries and have handled thousands of claims.

For more information on the side effects, warnings and legal action related to the Mirena IUD, or to speak with a lawyer, contact us today. We are available 24 hours a day to provide help.