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Date posted: 2/27/2013

With the number of patients filing a Mirena lawsuit on the rise, the next battle to be waged is where the cases will be litigated.

While victims have proposed a nationally-centralized location like a federal court in Ohio, legal counsel for Bayer proposed someplace closer to company headquarters and the sympathetic residents who work for the company.

On January 8th, the New Jersey Superior Court denied Bayer’s opportunistic request to host the Mirena lawsuits on its home turf. Next month, a federal panel will decide where they may be headed.

Mirena IUDs have been on the market since 1991, but have gained negative attention recently after FDA records showed more than 47,000 reports have been filed for complications.

Among these, over 5,000 dealt with IUD dislocation and almost 1,500 were for device migration, which can result in Mirena perforation of the uterus or other organs. In over 6% of the cases, victims required hospitalization or surgery.   

The FDA has warned Bayer, who makes Mirena, of failing to disclose Mirena safety risks in their marketing. However, they have not issued a Mirena recall.

For now, victims can only seek compensation through legal action. Fox News recently reported that Mirena side effect lawsuit are increasing.

Lawyers for victims have advised the court that, with over 2 million women using the devices, hundreds of Mirena lawsuits could be filed. They have requested that cases be consolidated to a central federal Multi-District Litigation court in Ohio.

The U.S. Joint Panel on MultiDistrict Litigation has announced they will conduct a hearing on March 21, 2013 to decide whether cases will be consolidated to one court, and where that will be.

Rather than a Mirena class action lawsuit which would combine all cases, an MDL court would allow victims to keep their cases separate, possibly resulting in higher awards.

If you or a loved one suffered a perforation or required surgery to remove a Mirena device, it is important that you speak with a lawyer about your legal rights as soon as possible. The time to file a claim is limited.

Due to the complex nature of federal MDL drug injury cases, the Drug Risk Resource Center only recommends lawyers who are already handling Mirena lawsuits.

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