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Date posted: 8/21/2013

Based on the number of complaints to the FDA concerning women suffering complications while using the Mirena IUD device, experts believe the litigation against Bayer could reach unprecedented levels.

This week, a federal court released records which show the cases are, indeed, growing quickly. In just the past month, the number of cases filed in a special federal multidistrict litigation court have grown by 17% to 123.

The Mirena IUD was introduced by German drug maker Bayer in 2000 and has become one of the most widely-used options besides daily pills. The small, t-shaped plastic insert is put in place by a doctor and can provide contraception for up to 5 years.

Bayer marketed Mirena as a safe alternative for busy mothers. However, experts have warned of the danger for perforation injuries.

In 2008, the FDA required the manufacturer to add a warning label to Mirena advising that the device could tear reproductive organs during the insertion procedure.

Now, records indicate women may be at risk for perforation injuries while the device is in pace as well. Last year, the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons published a case study showing Mirena IUDs can become dislocated and puncture through the uterine wall. This often requires surgeru to remove it and repair the damage.

Most people didn’t know how common Mirena injuries were until this summer, when the FDA disclosed that they have received 70,072 adverse event reports for the IUD to date, for a variety of Mirena side effects.

In more than 6,000 occurrences, patients using Mirena suffered IUD dislocation or perforation into the uterine wall. These injuries can cause pain, bleeding or infection, and many women who suffer them must undergo surgery.

Due to the failure of Bayer to warn women that their Mirena could cause serious injury, they face liability from those affected. The number of victims filing a Mirena lawsuit over perforation injuries has led to the creation of a special federal court to expedite the claims process and handle the volume.

If you or a loved one suffered perforation from a Mirena IUD or had to have it surgically removed, it is important to speak with a Mirena lawyer soon about your legal options. However, due to the complexity, DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who are already handling Mirena lawsuits.

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