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Date posted: 7/11/2013

With recent reports indicating popular diabetes drugs like Byetta and Januvia may be linked to pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer, experts predict hundreds or even thousands of patients will be affected.

Sadly, as is the case with most defective drug injuries, many people never discover that their condition is linked to a drug they were taking or that they can file a claim for compensation.

Now, with a federal panel set to create a special court for these cases, lawyers are urging anyone who’s been diagnosed with cancer after taking Byetta to speak with a professional about whether help is available from a Byetta lawsuit.

Byetta is one of the most popular medications used to control blood sugar levels in those with type-2 diabetes. The injectable drug inhibits a key enzyme to cause more insulin production, but may also limit the body’s natural ability to fight cancer.

The FDA first became concerned in 2009 when data showed drugs like Byetta could increase the risk of pancreatitis. Then, a 2011 study from UCLA revealed subjects given Byetta also had a 290% higher rate of pancreatic cancer and a 473% higher rate of thyroid cancer.

This year, the American Medical Association alerted that these diabetes drugs could double the chances of pancreatitis, which can be a precursor to pancreatic cancer. The British Medical Journal also warned that drugs like Byetta may be more dangerous than expected, and that manufacturers of these drugs have withheld data that could facilitate new safety testing.

The FDA and American Diabetes Association have both asked for new studies on incretin-class diabetes drugs like Byetta.

A growing number of patients have already filed a Byetta lawsuit alleging cancer. On July 25th a federal panel will decide where the cases will be consolidated in a special MDL court. This could be more of an advantage to victims than a Byetta class action lawsuit.

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with cancer after taking Byetta, it is important to talk with a lawyer about your options. Because of the complexity of these cases, DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who have already handled Byetta lawsuits.

For more information on the research, side effects and litigation news related to Byetta, or to speak with a lawyer, contact us today.