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Date posted: 3/11/2014

DrugRisk has learned the world’s largest endocrinology organization has called for new testing of popular testosterone replacement therapy drugs after studies show they may have serious health risks.

The move follows several recent studies warning of hear attack and stroke dangers, and a decision by the FDA to launch a new investigation. Also, lawsuits are stacking up in a federal court by those patients affected, as the products didn’t adequately warn of the risks.

In the past few years, the use of low-T drugs has skyrocketed. This is primarily due to aggressive marketing campaigns by drug companies telling men to seek out the treatments on their own. The FDA has only approved low-T drugs for documented cases of low testosterone, something experts say many patients don’t have.

Last year, over 5 million men received low-T drug prescriptions for symptoms like stress, fatigue and sexual vitality. A variety of brands like AndroGel, Axiron and AndroDerm offer different methods of application like gels, roll-ons and patches.

This year, data from UCLA and the National Institute of Health researchers found men over 65 or with a history of heart disease using low-T drugs had double the rate of heart attack. Last year, the AMA warned those men also had a 29% increased rate of heart attacks, stroke or death while using low-T drugs.

Now, the Endocrine Society, the world’s oldest and largest hormone and endocrinology organization, is campaigning for new and larger testing of testosterone drugs in order to identify safety risks.
Several patients have already filed a testosterone lawsuit in federal court alleging AndroGel caused heart attack or stroke. Lawyers expect these cases may grow into the thousands due to the popularity of the drugs. They are offering help to anyone affected.

If you or a family member suffered a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular event after using a low-T drug, it is important to speak with a lawyer about your legal rights as soon as possible. DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who have already handled testosterone lawsuits.

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