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Date posted: 9/3/2013

For more than a year, German drug maker Bayer has spent billions compensating patients who filed a Yaz lawsuit after suffering blood clots from their birth control medications Yaz and Yasmin.

However, experts warn those who have yet to seek payment for their injury that the time to do so may be limited. Fortunately, lawyers are still helping victims learn their options to file a claim at no cost.

Yasmin and Yaz were launched in 2001 and 2006, and quickly became the most popular birth control pills on the market. However, researchers soon discovered the active chemical hormone, drospirenone, may increase the risk for blood clots.

The FDA, EMA, Health Canada, British Medical Journal and New England Journal of Medicine have all added warnings over Yaz blood clots.

Blood clots can cause stroke, which blocks the flow of blood to the brain, or pulmonary embolism, which blocks flow to the lungs. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can also cause dangerous pain and blockage in the legs or arms.

Since Bayer didn’t warn patients of these risks until forced to by the FDA in 2012, thousands of women who were injured filed lawsuits. This led to an ongoing mass settlement by the drug company.

As of Bayer’s latest financial records, they had spent more than $1.4 billion to compensate around 6,760 women injured by Yaz blood clots. That amounts to more than $207,000 per claim. They also indicated they would continue to evaluate new claims.

However, legal experts warn that Bayer may eventually stop paying Yaz settlements as cases get older or more of those affected have injuries after the drug maker added warnings.

At this point, it is still necessary to hire a lawyer to collect records and file a Yaz lawsuit in order to receive compensation. However, lawyers are helping those affected at no cost unless there is a recovery.

If you or a family member experienced a blood clot, DVT, stroke or pulmonary embolism after taking Yaz or Yasmin, we urge you to speak with a lawyer about your options as soon as possible. DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who have already settled Yaz lawsuits.

Contact us today for more information on the research, side effects and litigation news related to Yaz, or to speak with a lawyer.