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Date posted: 1/22/2014

The popular birth control drugs Yaz and Yasmin have been tied to increased risks of blood clots, and dangerous conditions like stroke, DVT and pulmonary embolism.
As of last September, German drug giant Bayer had already paid out almost $1.6 billion in compensation to women who suffered these serious injuries, at an average of more than $200,000 per claim.
Now, the birth control safety advocates at DrugRisk are awaiting the release of Bayer’s 2013 annual report, to determine how many more cases have been settled and how much is being paid.
Millions of women have used Yasmin or Yaz since it was first released in 2001. However, recent studies have shown the active hormone ingredient, drospirenone, can increase risks of clots by as much as 76%.
Blood clots can cause blockage of oxygen to the brain, heart and lungs that can lead to hospitalization, long term treatment or even death.
More than 13,000 women have already filed lawsuit against Bayer over Yaz side effects, leading to the current settlements. However, there are still thousands who have not yet received help.
Bayer’s 2013 annual report is due to be released on February 28th. It should contain information for those who have not yet received compensation to indicate how many cases have been paid, the amounts of settlements, and how long they will continue. DrugRisk will report on this information as soon as it is released.
Unfortunately, this is the only recourse for those injured. Although the FDA has received more than 20,000 adverse event reports for Yaz and Yasmin blood clots, they haven’t issued a Yaz recall. With so many patients filing a lawsuit, cases were consolidated to a special federal court.
Attorneys are urging anyone who suffered a blood clot, DVT, stroke or pulmonary embolism while taking Yaz or Yasmin to learn their legal options. Many of those injured before the summer of 2012 are eligible for a Yaz lawsuit and settlement. Those who took generic versions of Yaz may also be eligible.
Contact us today to learn if you are eligible for a Yaz settlement in 2014. It costs nothing to speak with a lawyer or file a claim unless you receive compensation.
DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who have already settled hundreds of Yaz lawsuits.