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Date posted: 2/20/2014

Within a month of multiple reports questioning the safety of popular low-T drugs like AndroGel, Axiron and AndroDerm, several lawsuits have already been filed against the manufacturers by those injured.
Testosterone replacement therapies have been linked to an increased rate of heart attacks, strokes and death in men over the age of 65 or with prior history of heart disease. Last month, the FDA announced it would launch a new investigation based on recent studies.
At the center the lawsuits are drug makers’ failure to warn patients of these risks, despite years of emerging research. In fact, studies show the industry has expanded low-T drug usage to many who don’t need them through aggressive marketing.
This week, it was reported that four lawsuits had been filed in an Illinois federal court over low-T heart attacks or stroke. However, experts predict claims will eventually number in the thousands due to the popularity of the products.
Men who are injured could be entitled to substantial compensation.
In the past few months, studies from UCLA and the National Institute of Health have shown heart attack rates doubled in some men using low-T drugs, and stroke and death rates as much as 29% higher.
Low-T drugs have been around for more than a decade, but use has jumped five-fold in recent years as more men use them for fatigue, stress and low sex drive at the urging of advertisements. They are only approved by the FDA for documented cases of low testosterone, which is rare.
Lawyers are helping those who suffered a heart attack or stroke after using AndroGel, Axiron or other low-T drugs. If you or a loved one were affected, it is important to learn your legal options. Help is free unless you receive compensation.
Due to the complexity of these cases, DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who have already handled Axiron or AndroGel lawsuits.
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