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Date posted: 11/15/2012

November 15, 2012 – For years, experts have warned that implantable IUD contraceptives could carry severe side effects not found in traditional oral birth controls. Now, recent reports from the FDA have shown just how many people may be at risk.

The FDA’s MedWatch recently disclosed that they had received 45,697 adverse reports linked to Mirena IUD implants through June, 2012. Many of these include device dislocation, perforation of the uterine wall, or vaginal hemorrhage.

Although the devices have been on the market since 2000, a study this year by the National Center for Health Statistics showed IUD use has increased more than 700% since 1995. Therefore, experts believe many of the complaints may be within the past 5 years.

In some cases, patients must undergo painful revision surgery to remove the devices to prevent further injury. Some have even suffered infertility.

Although the Merina devices have not been recalled, Bayer faces growing litigation from those affected by the defective devices. Experts predict the cases may eventually be consolidated into a federal court as the number of claims increase, similar to the litigation Bayer is facing with their Yaz and Yasmin birth controls.

If you or a loved one had a Mirena IUD removed due to complications, it is important to learn about your legal options. For more information on the side effects and safety warnings related to Mirena, or to speak with a lawyer, contact us today.