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Date posted: 5/6/2013

As Bayer faces a growing number of lawsuits from women who have suffered uterine perforation from the Mirena IUD, the company announced last week it will expand birth control sales to yet another product, permanent implant Essure.

In recent years, the FDA has received over 50,000 reports of complications or injuries among women using the popular Mirena IUD. Many of these involve the device embedding into the uterine wall or perforating through it entirely.
Experts have warned of the danger of IUD perforation and the need for surgery to remove devices that are embedded or have migrated into the abdominal cavity.
Now, many of those affected are filing injury claims since Bayer didn’t warn that the devices could cause perforation injury after implantation. Due to the growing number of patients filing a Mirena lawsuit, federal cases have been combined to a special multi-district litigation court in New York.
With Bayer facing legal problems over both the Mirena and Yaz/Yasmin contraceptives, the company has decided to expand its product offerings. The company announced last week it had purchased California-based Conceptus, Inc., in order to get the rights to the Essure birth control device.
Essure has already been used by more than 750,000 women around the world. However, Bayer anticipates increased marketing can expand sales substantially.
The small, flexible coil device is implanted into a patient’s fallopian tubes, which causes a natural barrier to grow in the tubes to prevent pregnancy. So far, experts haven’t warned of any serious side effects from the implant.
For those suffering perforation or requiring surgical removal of the Mirena IUD, however, lawyers are continuing to provide help and filing claims for victims to recover damages. If you or a loved one have been affected, it is important to speak with a lawyer about your legal rights.

Due to the specialized nature of federal MDL drug injury cases, DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who are already handling Mirena lawsuits.

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