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Date posted: 4/20/2013

With the number of claims increasing from patients or families who allege the blood thinner Pradaxa caused serious or fatal internal bleeding, a federal court is expediting the claims process to prepare for the start of trials.

Date posted: 4/19/2013

After initial reports that Merck’s best-selling diabetes drug Januvia could be related to pancreatitis, experts have now linked the medication more severe thyroid cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Date posted: 4/18/2013

Patients who suffered bladder cancer after taking the diabetes drug Actos are one step closer to finding out if they’ll receive any help from the maker of the drug, Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Date posted: 4/16/2013

The birth control drugs Yaz and Yasmin became popular choices for millions of women in the past decade due to marketing claims that they reduced pre-menstrual side effects.

Date posted: 4/15/2013

As the growing number of Stryker hip recall lawsuits threatens to send the cases to s special federal court, a state judge currently handling most of the cases is trying to promote settlement between the Orthopedic company and victims.

Date posted: 4/13/2013

With the flood of new data on prescription drugs and medical devices, many of today’s patients rely on their doctors to inform them of risks with their treatment.  Most doctors, in turn, rely on information from drug companies who are required by law to disclose the risks of their drugs along with the benefits.

Date posted: 4/8/2013

For years, experts have warned that the popular blood thinner Pradaxa, used by millions of patients with atrial fibrillation to prevent strokes, may add risks for dangerous internal bleeding. Now, a new study suggests the drug may also raise the chance for viral infections.

Date posted: 4/4/2013

With trial set to begin this year against Merck over claims that their NuvaRing birth control caused severe blood clot injuries for more than 1,000 women, a federal judge has ruled to admit evidence that could help victims.

Date posted: 4/3/2013

As thousands of patients using the Mirena IUD device continue to report dislocation and perforation side effects, the maker of the device is involved in legal maneuvering to try to keep any injury claims in friendly courts close to its headquarters.

Date posted: 4/2/2013

After years of warnings by international health agencies that the diabetes drug Actos could be linked to increased risks of bladder cancer, the first of thousands of lawsuits started trial proceedings this month.