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Date posted: 4/1/2013

Last year Bayer started settling many of the 13,000 or more cases filed over Yaz side effects. However, until recently, only those patients who suffered blood clot injuries have received compensation.

Date posted: 3/27/2013

Last July, Stryker Orthopedics recalled their ABG II and Rejuvenate metal hip implant components after testing raised concerns that the systems could release toxic metallic shavings into the bloodstream and area tissue.

Date posted: 3/26/2013

For months, experts have voiced disagreement over whether the blockbuster atrial fibrillation drug Pradaxa carries greater risks for serious internal bleeding than traditional warfarin.

Date posted: 3/26/2013

On the heals of several studies warning that NuvaRing contraceptives may increase risks of blood clots, over 1,000 women have filed a NuvaRing lawsuit in a special federal court. Now, a judge has given those who haven’t filed a claim more time to do so.

Date posted: 3/21/2013

The first Actos lawsuit trial started this month in California over a man afflicted with bladder cancer after taking the popular diabetes drug. Already, it is producing shocking allegations about the lengths a drug company will go to protect profits.

Date posted: 3/19/2013

Over the past five years, health experts in the United States and Europe have alerted that birth control pills like Yaz and Yasmin could increase the risk of blood clots. What resulted was thousands of women coming forward with injuries, seeking help since they were not properly warned of these risks by the maker of the drugs, Bayer.

Date posted: 3/14/2013

The blood thinner Pradaxa has been prescribed to millions of patients with atrial fibrillation in over 70 countries in the few short years it has been on the market.

Unfortunately, it has also been linked to over 600 deaths, as there is no antidote available for doctors to stop internal bleeding in patients.

Date posted: 3/13/2013

As NuvaRing lawsuits over blood clots gear up to begin in state and federal courts, DrugRisk has learned that evidence filed by lawyers shows the maker of the devices may have known about elevated hormone risks, but concealed the results from the FDA and patients.

Date posted: 3/11/2013

DrugRisk has uncovered financial records from drug maker Bayer which show use of the popular Mirena IUD birth control device has slowed amid growing complaints and lawsuits.

Date posted: 3/11/2013

With Bayer facing thousands of lawsuits by women who suffered blood clot injuries after taking the birth control Yaz or Yasmin, the company announced last year that they would begin settling many of the cases.