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Date posted: 2/28/2013

In the past ten years, NuvaRing has become a popular birth control alternative for women who want more protection than that offered by traditional pills but don’t want to commit to the cost or implant procedure of an IUD.

Date posted: 2/27/2013

With the number of patients filing a Mirena lawsuit on the rise, the next battle to be waged is where the cases will be litigated.

While victims have proposed a nationally-centralized location like a federal court in Ohio, legal counsel for Bayer proposed someplace closer to company headquarters and the sympathetic residents who work for the company.

Date posted: 2/26/2013

While victims filing claims over Actos bladder cancer in a federal court likely won’t see trials start until 2014, another set of cases filed in California is scheduled to start this month.

Fortunately, the earlier trials could set a precedent for the rest or even pressure drug maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals into an Actos settlement, experts say.

Date posted: 2/25/2013

Patients who have suffered a blood clot injury after taking Yaz or Yasmin will get an update this week on the status of thousands of Yaz settlements paid by drug maker Bayer.

Bayer will release their 4th Quarter 2012 and full year financial information on February 28th, and DrugRisk will have updated information on Yaz lawsuits and settlements from that data the same day.

Date posted: 2/20/2013

Over the past decade NuvaRing has proven to be one of the most popular alternatives to oral contraceptives, with use by millions of women worldwide.

However, recent reports from Merck indicate sales may be slowing as experts warn of blood clot risks and more than 1,000 women have filed lawsuits in a federal court.

Date posted: 2/19/2013

A federal judicial panel announced last week that they would conduct a hearing in San Diego, CA next month to decide the fate of the rising number of Mirena lawsuits filed by women who suffered perforation or device migration.

Date posted: 2/18/2013

In 2009, millions of diabetes patients around the world switched to Actos thinking it was a safer alternative after rival drug Avandia was linked to heart problems. Now, those same patients are reeling in the wake of several reports linking Actos to bladder cancer.

Date posted: 2/14/2013

For nearly a year, Bayer has been settling lawsuits in the United States filed by patients suffering blood clots after taking Yaz or Yasmin. However, victims in Canada and Europe were left with little recourse.

Date posted: 2/13/2013

While German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim continues to maintain that its popular blood thinner Pradaxa is safer than alternatives, they now face hundreds of lawsuits from victims over internal bleeding as well as growing reports that the drug may have higher fatality rates than the competition.

Date posted: 2/12/2013

Women who have suffered blood clot injuries after using the vaginal ring contraceptive NuvaRing are being alerted that experts have linked the devices to increased blood clot risks, and the number of claims against the manufacturer is increasing.