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Date posted: 8/19/2013

For the past 18 months, German drug maker Bayer has been trying to reduce the number of lawsuits filed by women suffering blood clots from their popular Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills.

Date posted: 8/15/2013

Over the past year, DrugRisk has reported on the wave of health warnings over the blood thinner Pradaxa, which is prescribed to patients with arial fibrillation to prevent blood clots and stroke.

Date posted: 8/14/2013

In recent years, health experts have advised that vaginal ring contraceptives like NuvaRing may carry higher risks for blood clots than traditional birth control pills.

Already, more than 1,500 women who suffered injury without warning from the manufacturer have responded by filing a NuvaRing lawsuit. The first of those cases was set to go to trial in October, until a recent court order postponed them until January 27th.

Date posted: 8/13/2013

Despite a recent FDA advisory that there was insufficient evidence to require a label change to the popular diabetes drug Byetta over cancer fears, many victims are moving forward with lawsuits against the manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Date posted: 8/12/2013

For women who want a reliable birth control without dealing with the daily pill, there are few options. Two of these, NuvaRing and Mirena, have been linked to health problems in recent years.  Now, records show use of the Mirena IUD has fallen slightly.

Date posted: 8/9/2013

Although recent reports have caused disagreement in the medical and research community over whether diabetes drugs like Januvia are linked to pancreatic cancer, a growing number of lawsuits filed by patients appear to be moving forward.

Date posted: 8/8/2013

For more than a year DrugRisk has alerted patients who took Yaz or Yasmin in the past that they may be entitled to compensation if they suffered a blood clot injury. However, until last week, it wasn’t known just how much money was being paid out.

Date posted: 8/7/2013

Earlier this year, DrugRisk reported that the maker of the controversial blood thinner Pradaxa, Boehringer Ingelheim, was trying to improve safety of the drug by finding an antidote to its dangerous internal bleeding side effects.

Date posted: 8/6/2013

With over 1,000 lawsuits pending from women who have suffered blood clot injuries while using NuvaRing, the maker of the device tried a last-ditch attempt in July to have the first case scheduled for trial dismissed.

Date posted: 8/5/2013

Popular diabetes medications like Januvia, Byetta and Janumet have been in the news this year as study after study links them to dangerous conditions such as pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.