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Date posted: 8/1/2013

Since it was introduced over a decade ago, the Mirena IUD from Bayer has been a popular contraceptive choice for women who have already given birth or who don’t want to keep up with daily or monthly birth control.

Date posted: 7/31/2013

For months, the DrugRisk Center has reported on growing concern that popular diabetes medications like Januvia, Janumet and Byetta may be linked to increased pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.

Date posted: 7/29/2013

For the past several years, thousands of patients have been embroiled in litigation with drug maker Bayer over charges that their popular birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin caused blood clots.

Date posted: 7/25/2013

For more than a year, DrugRisk has tracked the health warnings related to the popular atrial fibrillation anti-stroke medication Pradaxa, as well as growing lawsuits from those who suffered internal bleeding.

Date posted: 7/24/2013

With mounting research suggesting that the NuvaRing contraceptive device may be linked to higher risks of blood clots despite no warning to patients from manufacturer Merck, experts fear thousands of women may have suffered injury.

Date posted: 7/23/2013

As news spreads of reports linking popular diabetes medications like Byetta with pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer, more patients have filed a lawsuit against manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb for failing to disclose the dangers.

Date posted: 7/22/2013

When the Mirena IUD birth control device was introduced by Bayer in 2000, many thought it would replace much of the market for daily birth controls since patients could get an implant to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.

Date posted: 7/19/2013

Last year, drug giant Merck earned over $4 billion solely from the sales of its blockbuster diabetes drug Januvia. Now, however, they face increasing litigation from patients diagnosed with cancer after studies linked the drug to the disease.

Date posted: 7/17/2013

Over the past year, DrugRisk has reported extensively on the warnings issued by health experts over Yaz and Yasmin blood clots, as well as the ongoing litigation by thousands of women affected.

Date posted: 7/11/2013

With recent reports indicating popular diabetes drugs like Byetta and Januvia may be linked to pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer, experts predict hundreds or even thousands of patients will be affected.