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Date posted: 7/10/2013

Over the past year, the birth control center at DrugRisk.com has reported on a troubling pattern of complaints to the FDA over complications suffered while using the Mirena IUD device.

Date posted: 7/9/2013

In recent months, pressure has mounted on manufacturers of diabetes drugs like Januvia, Janumet and Byetta with reports of pancreatic cancer side effects and calls from leading health organizations to conduct new testing.

Date posted: 7/8/2013

Although thousands of women affected by blood clot injuries after using the birth control drugs Yaz or Yasmin have already received financial compensation, experts say there are many more that have yet to take action.

Date posted: 7/4/2013

Over the past year DrugRisk has published numerous warnings from health officials that the new stroke-preventative med Pradaxa for patients with atrial fibrillation may have higher internal bleeding risks than traditional options like warfarin.

Date posted: 7/1/2013

With courts in at least two jurisdictions getting ready to litigate lawsuits alleging the popular birth control NuvaRing caused dangerous and sometimes fatal blood clots, records show thousands of women who have been injured have yet to take action.

Here is a summary of what you need to know before filing a NuvaRing lawsuit.

Date posted: 6/24/2013

Patients using the birth control drugs Yaz or Yasmin have been alarmed by recent studies linking the drugs to dangerous blood clot conditions like deep veil thrombosis, stroke and pulmonary embolism.

Date posted: 6/22/2013

Last month DrugRisk reported that the number of Pradaxa lawsuits from patients who experienced severe internal bleeding had risen substantially in recent months. The growth came as experts released new reports that the drug may be more dangerous than stated by the FDA.

Date posted: 6/21/2013

As top health officials around the world have cautioned that vaginal ring contraceptives like Merck’s NuvaRing may be linked to higher dangers of blood clots, over a thousand women have already filed lawsuits for such injuries.

Date posted: 6/19/2013

DrugRisk has reported several studies in recent years which raise questions over the diabetes drug Byetta and risks of pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer.

Date posted: 6/18/2013

The birth control resource center at DrugRisk is alerting women using or considering the Mirena IUD contraceptive from Bayer of important news regarding the safety of the devices.