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Date posted: 6/18/2013

Last month, DrugRisk warned of several emerging studies which suggested popular diabetes drugs like Januvia and Janumet may be linked to pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.

Date posted: 6/12/2013

Last month, DrugRisk reported that German drug maker Bayer had committed as much as $1.5 billion so far to settle lawsuits in the United States by women suffering blood clot injuries like deep vein thrombosis, stroke and pulmonary embolism.

Date posted: 6/11/2013

Based on the number of health warnings that have surfaced for Pradaxa in the drug’s relatively short lifespan, experts have anticipated patients will seek compensation from manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim for their injuries.

Date posted: 6/6/2013

For several months now, experts have warned that the health risks of diabetes drugs like Byetta and Januvia may extend beyond just pancreatitis and kidney disease to severe conditions like pancreatic cancer.

Date posted: 6/5/2013

Now that a federal panel has set up a special court to handle the growing number of uterus perforation lawsuits by patients with the Mirena IUD, more and more women are coming forward to get help.

Date posted: 5/22/2013

As hundreds of patients file injury lawsuits against Pradaxa maker Boehringer Ingelheim and the FDA continues to tell Americans the drug is safe, yet another study has come out warning of possible Pradaxa internal bleeding risks.

Date posted: 5/21/2013

DrugRisk is pleased to report that more women affected by blood clots after using the NuvaRing contraceptive have learned that they can seek compensation in a special federal court case set to begin this year.

Date posted: 5/20/2013

The prescription drug safety advocates at DrugRisk recently reported on several studies which linked the popular diabetes drug Byetta with pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.

Date posted: 5/19/2013

With thousands of patients reporting serious side effects from the Mirena IUD devices in recent years, experts predicted drug maker Bayer would soon face legal claims from those women injured.

Date posted: 5/17/2013

The diabetes drug safety advocates at DrugRisk previously warned that studies have linked the popular drugs Januvia and Janumet with pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.