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Stryker Hip Lawsuit

More than 20,000 patients have been fitted with the Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip replacement implants since they were introduced in 2010. So it came as a shock when the company recalled the devices in June of 2012 over serious health risks.

Studies have now shown that all metal hip implants like these can cause the release of toxic shavings into the body, causing long-term injury. Since Stryker may have known about these risks but failed to warn patients, many have filed a Stryker hip lawsuit.

In situations like this, patients can seek substantial compensation for their damages when manufacturers fail to properly test products or warn of their dangers. Since the number of cases is expected to grow, they have been combined in a special multi-district litigation court.

Similar lawsuits are already underway for other metal hip implants such as the DePuy ASR, with verdicts expected soon and settlements paid to some victims. A lawyer can explain the compensation that may be available from a Stryker hip lawsuit.

If you or a loved one received a Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG hip implant, it is important that you not sign anything from Stryker until you have spoken to a lawyer about the substantial compensation available from a lawsuit. Contact us today.

To get their Rejuvenate Modular Hip System approved by the FDA, Stryker used the fast-track 510(k) provision, which allowed them to avoid important but expensive testing which could have revealed the risks of their product.

In February of 2012, the British Medical Journal released a study showing toxic metal shavings released into pelvic tissue or the bloodstream by defective hips can cause serious health issues. These include bone loss, tissue death, white blood cell damage, vision or hearing problems, or even tumors.  

The cobalt, chromium and titanium metals used in the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II implants can cause such metallic poisoning. Many of these side effects can take years to surface and be difficult to treat.

As part of their metal hip recall, Stryker indicated they would reimburse patients for certain testing and removal procedures. However, they haven’t offered adequate compensation for the long-term health effects and treatment that may be required for metallic poisoning.

Stryker recently hired Broadspire, a claims management company, to try to settle cases quickly before victims explore their full legal rights. However, the compensation offered is far less than what may be available from a Stryker hip lawsuit.

Lawyers are currently helping those patients who received defective Stryker hips file a claim, even if the side effects of metallic poisoning haven’t surfaced. They can discuss your case today to let you know if you qualify and how long you have to take action.

Medical device injury lawsuits such as these can be very complex, and require litigation against large medical companies. Before choosing a lawyer, make sure they have the experience and resources necessary for this type of case.
DrugRisk only recommends lawyers who specialize in defective drug and medical device cases, and have already handled Stryker hip lawsuits.
Contact us today for more information on the side effects, research and litigation related to Stryker hip implants, or to speak with a lawyer. We are available 24 hours a day to provide help.