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Yaz & Yasmin Blood Clot Side Effects

yaz side effectsYasmin and Yaz were released by Bayer Healthcare in 2001 and 2006 as fourth-generation birth control alternatives. After heavy marketing campaigns claiming the drugs limited the effects of PMS, bloating and acne, as many as 100 million women received prescriptions.

Early testing revealed limited Yaz birth control side effects such as high blood pressure, liver disruption, allergic reactions, upper respiratory infections, headaches, yeast infections, irregular non-menstrual bleeding, stomach cramps, hair loss and weight gain.

However, in recent years, researchers have found that the progestin hormone drospirenone, which is used in Yaz, may cause more severe Yaz side effects including:

  • blood clots
  • stroke
  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and
  • pulmonary embolism.

These serious conditions have affected more than 10,000 women, who have filed lawsuits against Bayer for their injuries. In early 2012, Bayer began settling claims by those injured by Yaz, and has pledged nearly $1.2 billion to resolve the lawsuits.

If you or a loved one suffered blood clot-related Yaz side effects after taking the drug, it is important to speak with a lawyer to learn if you qualify for the ongoing settlements. Contact us today for more information.

So far, the FDA has received over 50 reports of death and hundreds of reports of injury among women taking Yaz or Yasmin. They have issued warnings to Bayer and required that the company run advertisements and make label changes to address these risks. However, experts fear that many women may still not know of the dangers.


Side Effects Research & Studies

In 2011, The British Medical Journal published a study from the University of Copenhagen which found that, among other Yaz side effects, the drug increased the risks of blood clots. The FDA also released a study in October of 2011 which showed that drugs like Yaz could increase the risk of blood clots, DVT and pulmonary embolism by as much as 74%.

This year, the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices reported that Yaz and Yasmin ranked second highest in 2011 for the number of side effects reported to the FDA.

Bayer indicated to shareholders in July of 2012 that they would settle lawsuits by those injured at an average of $212,000. However, only certain cases may qualify and time is limited.

Anyone who suffered a blood clot, DVT, stroke or Pulmonary Embolism after taking Yaz or Yasmin is urged to contact the Drug Resource Center or speak with a lawyer about their legal options.

Drug injury lawsuits can be complex legal matters. Before choosing a lawyer, make sure they are qualified to handle this type of case, have experience fighting large drug companies, and have the resources to finish your case.

The Drug Resource Center works with only the top defective drug law firms in the country to make sure your case is handled properly and you recover quickly.

Contact us today for more information on the side effects of Yaz, current warnings and litigation. We are available 24 hours a day to provide help.

Authored by Chris Schroeder